Happy illustrations

Flavio Barreiro works always committed to constantly creating new and fun images.

Colorful creations

Drawings that want to go around to coloring the world.

Funcy way to dress

Flavio Barreiro is the best and funcy way to see the life.

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Stationery collection


Collections created in collaboration with Cromo Milano Greettings Designers .

Write something nice for someone yoy really like, it could be a friend, your mother or even a good lover.

Let's wear happy!

A happy touch for your house

These illustrations  are cool, don't you think? They are ideal to mugs, shopping bags, pillows, bed sheet and more. 

Working together

Read about Flavio Barreiro

I am Flavio Barreiro, an Argentinian illustrator who lives in Rome. My creations are simple and colorful, which wants to express joy and happiness. A creative universe that comes from the sketch made in paper and expresses the beauty of life. Drawings that want to go around to coloring the world . 

I'm currently living with a cat.


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