Whith the support of Brand Oasi, I offer as licensing my fresh and original line of images to companies from different sectors.

If you're thinking in Flavio Barreiro that's meens you're thinking in a funcy way to see the world

Who I am

I'm offering as licensing its  fun line to companies from different sectors that are willing to market any kind of products by relying on my simple and cheerful illustrations. A young brand born in Rome from the experience in the souvenir sector, it is a creative universe that comes from the sketch made in paper and expresses the beauty of life.

Why to choose me

Drawings that want to go around to coloring the world.

That's why my illustrations are suitable for notepades, diaries, mugs, water bottles, shopping bags, backpacks, t-shirts and any type of product to carry always around the globe.

What  I do

I work always committed to constantly creating new and fun images which make the products entirely captivating. 

Flavio Barreiro is the best and funcy way to see the world.

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Winter. July 19th 1984. Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is where I was born. I am grandson of immigrants from Italy and Spain who left Europe to find a different and better future. My name is Flavio Barreiro. I am an artist, I currently live in Rome with my cat and I enjoy my life creating illusions. 

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